Cyprus Stock Exchange – Safe Keeping Receipts and Bank Guarantees versus a Securitized Bond Offering on Cyprus

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As people know, our firm has been one of the most active companies for listing shares and bonds globally. We also have worked with asset holders for the creation of Safe Keeping Receipts which firms intend on utilizing for trading or leverage of the assets for loans and the release of capital called Monetization. Generally the process of creating an […]

Swedish Trust Companies – Sophisticated Asset Protection and Broker/Banking license like Services

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Stockholm – Sweden (Bank Licenses Press) January 23, 2016 — IFXBG Limited in partnership with known as the leaders in global listings on stock exchanges and building financial services providers for global money and securities opportunities recently announced the availability of its new turn-key EU Trust Company package.

The Trust Company can manage any type of asset held in Trust […]

Financial Service Providers, Swedish Trusts, Fiduciary Trusts, Offshore Banking, Banks for Sale, as Jurisdictions are hard to create brokerage houses, banks, and offshore trusts so what do you do?

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Jurisdictions are hard to create brokerage houses, banks, and offshore trusts so what do you do?

So, what is an entrepreneurial international financial services company to do?

You have probably looked at making New Zealand Financial Service Providers, FSPs, Cayman Brokerage Houses, Anjouan Banks, Seychelles Banks, Mauritius Brokerage Licenses, Belize Brokerage licenses, and all kinds of various license.

If you have been watching […]

Build a Swedish Trust Company- 76% of the Population Trust Swedish Companies

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Sweden Trust Company offers you the opportunity for Profit, Privacy and Asset Protection. Clearly you are interested in the industry of Global Money consulting if you are interested in a Swedish Trust build by IFXBG Limited and

Within the world of commercial contracts, Sweden law, like all other laws, on occasion adopted foreign legal concepts that have adapted perfectly to […]

Proposal For Swedish Trust Company

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Swedish Trusts and Swedish Trust Company

The Swedish Trust Company is structured as a Limited Partnership and registered as a Regulated Service Provider in accordance with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act (Law 62:2009). (Similar to New Zealand FSPs, Anjouan Banks, Belize Brokerages)

Our Swedish Trust Companies come complete with Certificates of Registration evidencing compliance with this Act. All documentation […]

Swedish Trust Company Formation

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Swedish Trust Company Formation

Swedish Trust Company

Our international consortium of experts for building turn key Bank structures and financial institutions such as Funds, Brokerage Houses, and most recently a European Union structured financial institution, acceptable for receiving and managing funds on behalf of clients within Sweden.

How do we build a European Union Financial Institution in 30 days?

For managing and […]

Build a New Zealand FSP, a Bank, or a Swedish Trust?

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Euroclear Ready with Corresponding Accounts in Banks

We own a Swedish Trust, of which you can operate as a Bank like services, similar to a Credit Union. The Trust structure is accepted by and condoned for doing business like Bank, where by you can open accounts for clients, hold funds under the sub-account as a beneficiary of the trust, etc.

The Trust […]

Offshore Bank for Sale – Buy a Bank or Build a Bank?

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For the last 11 years our consortium have built over 50 Banks globally and have been very successful at establishing the corresponding Banks, Banking Software, Swifts, web presence, and licensing for ourselves and our clients.

Buying an existing Bank is probably the easiest and fastest way to obtain a Banking License. We have a Bank license for sale within an offshore […]


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The first part of any financial product is planning for the future. Naturally assets that are securitized or are held in custodian are done so to make the instrument for trading, for delivering a fixed income, or as collateral. Therefore, the natural first step is to build an offshore structure of which the assets ownership, income, and future value rests […]


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Bank Of Pangea – With Corresponding Bank Accounts in Barclays, Royal Bank of Canada, and other jurisdictions including Latvia, South Africa, and Asia. Bank of Pangea has its own Tellex system, and using corresponding Bank Swift numbers. It has been accepted on several Bond listings on the London Stock Exchange as the underwriting Bank. The license of this Bank has […]